Product and machinery training

Virtual 360° learning environments make product and device training easy

New technology, devices and machines are being created and implemented all the time, requiring more and more re-education and supplementary training. Large machines may be difficult to fit in a classroom, however, which is where virtual tours and media elements can help.

Realistic 360VR photography visualizes your spaces, machines, products and devices

360VR photography from a cockpit can give you a brand new basis for developing your learning materials. Users can visualize even small spaces realistically when it’s visualized with panoramic photographs and augmented with animation, text, and video.

360VR presentations are often erroneously called 3D photography. The terminology doesn’t matter much to the user, however, because the materials embedded into panoramic photographs, such as guide videos and other media elements, immediately tell the user which area each piece of content is related to. The content is also easy to tailor to different needs, such as those of drivers, maintenance workers and vendors, even after the 360° photography has been completed.

The visual and accurate Visumo 360 service makes the trainer or vendor’s job easier by

  • presenting physical spaces, machinery and devices on-screen with a stunning interactive tour.
  • allowing easy and immediate access to product or device information and instructions for easy revision.
  • speeding up the training process for your staff, clients and resellers with different products and devices.

 ”Studies show that information associated with visual environments improve learning and retention.”

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