Job training and workplace safety

Virtual learning solves your training and workplace safety resource issues

Training an employee to work safely and efficiently is a time-consuming process for both the instructor and their manager. But what if you could speed up the process so that a new employee can start working faster and safer? How about motivating your employees to better learn to do their jobs and learn on-the-job safety measures? Or letting your employees access vital safety information no matter where they are?  

Visumo 360 will give your employees the training they need

With Visumo 360, we can create interactive learning environments for workplace safety training as well as routine working procedures. Our company has a strong background in learning, which we use to transform and apply the Visumo 360 service to fit the needs of our client’s work environment.

Studies show that people’s learning and recollection improve when information is associated with a visual environment. With pleasant and productive learning tools, both labor quality and job safety can be improved.

Contact us if your trainers need:

  • job safety and training materials that can be accessed easily, anytime and anywhere on a smartphone screen.
  • gamified solutions to increase learning motivation. By incorporating gamelike elements, learners are motivated to seek out the smallest details in their learning content and familiarize themselves with the material. Users can also compare scores on leaderboards, where they can see how well other players have done.  

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