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Virtual 360° learning environments make learning fun

Do you learn best by seeing, hearing or doing? Probably not through just one of these methods, but using all these different methods together makes learning more fun and produces better results. This is why in addition to text, we also need images, sound, and interactive and challenging tasks; in other words, virtual learning.

Improved learning results with virtual learning environments

Visumo 360° visual learning environments are based on studies which show that people remember 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they read. In virtual learning environments, we can better account for different kinds of learners with sound, 360VR photography, panoramic images, video, animations, text, and interactive exercises.

Visumo 360 is the right service for you, if you need:

  • a new, flexible and visual coursework or training environment that’s tailored to your needs.
  • a visual coursework or training environment to supplement a pre-existing educational framework.
  • an interactive learning environment for sharing course materials, conducting tests, and visualizing different learning paths.
  • tools to measure and report on the learning process.

Our company has a strong educational foundation, which we use to develop and apply our Visumo 360 service to suit our clients’ needs. The versatile content and visuals of Visumo 360 take different kinds of learners and learning styles into account, as well as the challenges associated with learner perception. Studies show that when information is attached to a visual environment, it becomes easier to learn and retain.

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