Storify your spaces visually

360 environments for professionals

Visumo 360° virtual environments introduce, instruct, train, market and sell on your behalf

Compellingly visualized and storified spaces, services and products invite your customers to spend more time on your website and learn about your services. 360 environments based on experiential pedagogy and virtual reality introduce your subjects in a compelling way and deepen the learning experience in both workplaces and schools. A 360° virtual tour or instructional tool with an engrossing narrative can speed up your marketing and increase your sales.

Visualize with augmented reality

Combine video, text, image and sound freely.

Compatible with different devices.

Use gamelike elements to hook your players and keep them playing.

Measure and encourage user progress.

Scalable, affordable, and always up-to-date.


We create and maintain the service for you

360 photography and production

We perform professional 360-degree photography

Modeling user paths

We’ll model the learning path together with you.

Narrative content and gamification

We produce media and gamify your content.

Testing and validation

We collect data on the learning process for testing and validation

Bionanalytics learning environment

The bioanalytics program at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences uses Visumo services in their curriculum, with content that works well with every student’s mobile device.

Topwise business spaces

Business spaces like meeting rooms and assembly halls can be storified with voice greetings. We include the people.

Keskuspuisto Vocational College

Vocational college training programs increase retention with visual descriptors, and updating the content is easy.

Sarsa guide map

The travel guide map for the Sarsa region in Kangasala uses Visumo tech.


Visumo is now VISUON. Check this link.


We’ll be happy to design your content together with you.

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